Dives Sites in Costa del Montgrí

Les Cambres

From the Anchorage, you swim over to the islet going arround it's perimeter almost completely until you get to the wide sand and channel between the islet and the coastline.

To the right you can see the big rocky arch under the vault. From a depth of -15 meters, the wall is full of cornices,cracks and outcrops covered in a spectacular blanket of invertebrates, a large quantity of red coral.

A hundred meters from the rocky arch , a tunnel opens up in the wall at a depth of -16 m. to -9 m.


Near the arch under the vault ,on the left you will see the long Cave of Trencabraços, and a small rocky bridge(-7m),which you can cross coming out very close to the other side of the arch.

At the entrance of the cave you'll see white sponges on the roof, cardinal fish. Above the sediment in this area are large numbers of little shrimps.

La Xinxa

La Xinxa is a small rocky formation that rises from -11m deep and ends in two peaks,one of them peeking out above the water.

Under the surface, the two Peaks rest on a rocky platform located between -10m and -12m deep.

Tp the east,the rocky slope descends opening up to a series of boulders that create paths between them. Here you can see red coral,spiny lobster and octopus.

On the northern side, the rock platform ends in a shelf that descends 4 metres (from -14m to -18m), great coralligenous community together with sea life.

To the east, there's a peak that does not emerge from the water, perforated by a short 4 metres Tunnel that opens a path from north to south at -9m and allows divers to pass through, covered of invertebrates.


One of the best shallow dives sites in this area!!

Illa Pedrosa

The primary attraction of this dive is the submarine Tunnel that mesures 60m long and crosses the southern side of Illa Perdosa ( Pedrosa Island ), from side to side.

The western entrance of the tunnel is 4m wide and a triangular shape at -13m and the sandy floor at -19m.

The tunnel does not have any complicated branches, also at the middle of the tunnel you can see the light of the enormous exit on the other side.

The fauna inside the tunnel are sea squills, spiny and common lobsters, conger eels and few moray eels.


The peaks covered with white sea fans at -14m just outside the tunnel exit are especially attractive.


Good Buoyancy is needed in this dive.

Coves de la Viuda

This Dive Site is one of the most outstanding collections of underwater caverns on the whole Catalan Coast.

These Caverns also pose little difficulty for divers with some experience in this kind of dive, during the dive there is always the possibility of getting out of the caves.


There are so many diving possibilities here that it would be impossible to cover them all in just one dive.

The most common route starts by crossing under the arch towards the east in search of the cave that leads to the largest air chamber.

After that and to the east, there's a tunnel which is full of life and offers beautiful plays of light.

Some of the Caverns are:

The Pillar Cave

This Cave has a gallery more than 30m long, the entrance at -12m, is arround 3m wide.

Inside there is a central division just before you get to the little air chamber ( breathable) that you can reach from boths sides.

Arch of La Puntada de Mà Clivilla

This tunnel is 4m wide, its base lies at -17m and about 20m long. You can see daylight all the time coming from the other entrance which is a little wider.

Large Air Chamber 

This Cave is more than 60m long, the entrance anout 15m wide, and has a secondary entrance. The main air Chamber is about 20m long and 6 metres high.

Tunnel with spiny Lobsters

This is a branch of the main tunnel, the rocks here are full of invertebrates.

Reggio Messina (Wreck)

Wreck Diving Reggio Messina at 33m. deep. 

Cova de la Sal

Dive suitable for all levels, Intro Basic Diver to experienced divers, due to its different depths.

Easy dive for begginners and Snorkellers, yet beautiful.

Advanced divers can do the beautiful cavern that you find at the end of the bay.

Baix de Cols

Cova de les Vetes

This dive site is also called La Catedral (the Cathedral) one of the best cavern dives, together with Caves de la Viuda. A sort of caves and caverns, with beautiful red coral roofs, and lots of life inside.

Scuba Alegre Dive Center

Càmping La Ballena Alegre

Sant Pere Pescador-L'Escala 17470

Costa Brava


+34 672 02 19 25

+34 646 58 73 03




GPS: N42° 09’08″ / E 003° 06'42″

UTM: X 509307,18 / I 4666996,36 / Fus 31

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