1. Hold a qualification or cetificate that enables you to practice Sport-Recreational Scuba Diving.


2. Personal Medical Insurance policy+ civil liability for third parties.


3. Minors need authorisation from their parents or tutor and must be accompanied by a suitable qualified adult.




1. Plan the dive in keeping with the lowest level held by a diver in your group. Take the sea conditions into account and listen to the advice given by the Dive Center Staff, who are hhighly familiar with the area.


2. Diving alone is absolutly forbidden. Diving must always be done with at least one other buddy. If you come on your own, we will find you someone who dive with.


3. All divers with first level certification (OWD or jrOWD) must be accompanied by a diver with a higher level or by a  Divemaster or Diving Instructor.


4. The minimum personal equipment for diving includes a mask,fins,regulator on demand,alternative air source,scuba tank,buoyancy device (jacket),fast-release weight belt,air supply gauge and depth gauge,wetsuit.


5. Always verify the correct functioning of all the equipment and the air level before starting a dive.


6. If you dive with your own tank or use the Compressor service t fill your tank, you must provide evidence that the tank has passed the obligatory safety regulations: contrast every 3 years and visual inspection.


7. Always respect the depth limits for which you have been trained.


8. During the dive, divers are responsable for managing their air and verifiying it on a regular basis.


9. Always plan the dive within the no-decompression limits.


10. In all cases, the maximum depth for Sport-Recreational diving is 40m.


11. Please remember that may not touch or collect any seabed species or feed the fishes.







You should NEVER go scuba diving if you do not feel phisically or mentally well, which includes states of stress,anxiety,tiredness,etc

You should NEVER go scuba diving if you are drunk or if you have ingested drugs or similar items.


Call 112  ( Emergency 24h )

+34 972 60 01 60 PALAMÓS HOSPITAL-Hyperbaric Chamber

CHANNEL 16 VHF ( Maritime Authority )

Scuba Alegre Dive Center

Càmping La Ballena Alegre

Sant Pere Pescador-L'Escala 17470

Costa Brava


+34 672 02 19 25

+34 646 58 73 03



GPS: N42° 09’08″ / E 003° 06'42″

UTM: X 509307,18 / I 4666996,36 / Fus 31

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